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offers Bronze for your metal stamping applications. Bronze refers to a broad range of copper alloys, usually with tin as the main additive, but sometimes with other elements such as phosphorus, manganese, aluminum, or silicon. It is strong and tough and has myriad uses in industry. It was particularly significant in antiquity, giving its name to the Bronze Age.

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We provide Bronze stampings and custom metal stamping applications.

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For over 55 years, we have been a leader in the metal stamping industry. Our dedication to continuous improvement throughout the years has expanded our metal forming capabilities Lindy manufacturing LLC. can provide everything from small volume and prototype fabrication to mass production.
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What is Bronze?

Bronze is a metal alloy produced by blending copper and tin in various amounts, depending on the application. Additional elements such as manganese, lead, and phosphorous are added to create bronze with specific properties. Bronze is found in bells, statuary, bearings, gears, valves, pipes, and other plumbing fittings, and it is a sturdy, durable metal when well cared for. Humans have been working with bronze for over 3,000 years in various parts of the world, using it for weapons, coins, tableware, and an assortment of other household purposes..


Bronze was especially suitable for use in boat and ship fittings prior to the wide employment of stainless steel owing to its combination of toughness and resistance to salt water corrosion. Bronze is still commonly used in ship propellers and submerged bearings.

Spring bronze weatherstripping comes in rolls of thin sheets and is nailed or stapled to wood windows and doors. There are two types, flat and v-strip. It has been used for hundreds of years because it has low friction, seals well and is long lasting. It is used in building restoration and custom construction.



Lindy is a Manufacturer of precision metal stampings specializing in custom manufacturer of beryllium copper , brass & bronze, copper stampings. Capabilities include design, drafting with CAD, CAM software to minimize scrap waste & press range . years experience of metal stamping,deep drawing,sheet metal blanking and other sheet metal working. Our in house tooling workshop can supply precision stamping dies and progressive stamping dies for sheet metal working.
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