Metal Stamping Components for Metal Buildings Metal Roofing and Construction

Steel building components, such as roof clips and metal roofing materials such as pipe boots,  roll mastic, gutter sealant, metal snip, panel folders - and other items used for metal roofing systems.

We are a full service metal stamping Company!
From concept to launch, we are the one stop shop metal stamping company for all your metal building stamped products and metal roofing stamped components (Exposed Fastened Metal Roofing Panels, Standing Seam Metal Roofing, Commercial Metal Roofing) .

For over 55 years, we have been a leader in the metal stamping industry. Our dedication to continuous improvement throughout the years has expanded our metal forming capabilities Lindy manufacturing LLC. can provide everything from small volume and prototype fabrication to mass production.
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Metal Stamping


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Metal roofing
Materials have been used for hundreds of years around the globe to build sturdy, dependable roofs that could endure harsh conditions and the steady march of time. Modern engineering and technology has transformed this category of roofing materials into something truly marvelous. While the cost of metal roofing may be initially high, the many mechanical and aesthetic advantages that this roofing solution provides often makes them cheaper in the long run. Although many think of metal roofs as applicable for commercial buildings, they are more commonly being seen used in residential structures, whether for private homes or small businesses. Read More

The Advantages of Metal Roofing

The advantages of metal roofing materials are numerous, yet many people still stubbornly persist in their use of the old industry standards. Here are just a few ways that metal roofing is superior to conventional roofing materials. Read More

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