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Lindy Manufacturing are experts in Tool and Die Design and Manufacturing. Over 55 years of Machinery parts and metal stamping experience, we have been a leader. Our cutting edge automated CNC machining centers and innovative tool designers produce only the highest quality. These accurate die and durable tools provide our customers with precision parts for a wide variety Machines including but not limited to Industrial spare parts,Engineering machine parts,Marine metal parts,Construction metal parts,Precision machine parts,Printing machine parts,Embroidery machine parts,Sewing machine parts,Plastic machine parts,Textile machine parts,Mill machine parts,Cutting machine parts,CNC machine parts,Custom machine parts,Transmission components parts,Screw Machine Parts and All different machine parts. Our dedication to continuous improvement throughout the years has expanded our metal forming capabilities.

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What is a machine tools?

A machine tool is a powered mechanical device, typically used to fabricate metal components of machines by machining, which is the selective removal of metal. The term machine tool is usually reserved for tools that used a power source other than human movement, but they can be powered by people if appropriately set up

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