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Do you have an application that requires tool, die design and machining?

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Lindy Manufacturing are experts in Tool and Die Design and Manufacturing. Over 55 years of Tool, Die making and metal stamping experience, we have been a leader. Our cutting edge automated CNC machining centers and innovative tool designers produce only the highest quality. These accurate die and durable tools provide our customers with precision parts for a wide variety of industries including but not limited to Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Commercial, and the Electrical Connector industry. Our dedication to continuous improvement throughout the years has expanded our metal forming capabilities.

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Tool & Die Design



Die forming

Progressive die with scrap strip and stampings
Forming dies are typically made by tool and die makers and put into production after mounting into a press. The die is a metal block that is used for forming materials like sheet metal and plastic. For the vacuum forming of plastic sheet only a single form is used, typically to form transparent plastic containers (called blister packs) for merchandise. Vacuum forming is considered a simple molding thermoforming process but uses the same principles as die forming. For the forming of sheet metal, such as automobile body parts, two parts may be used, one, called the punch, performs the stretching, bending, and/or blanking operation, while another part, called the die block, securely clamps the workpiece and provides similar, stretching, bending, and/or blanking operation. ....

Reference & Books

Tool & Die design Handbook of die design‎
Book overview
Insider tips for flawless die design and manufacturing Whatever you cast, punch, bend, pierce, stamp, or form, this reference gives you the hands-on guidance and use-it-now data you need to do it better, faster, safer. It's loaded with at-a-glance charts, step-by-step guidelines, and up-to-the-minute techniques for ensuring precision design for every class of sheet metal pressworking. You get all the essential formulas and calculations, cost estimating tips
Die design handbook? Die design handbook‎
Book overview
Whether you're involved in a highly specialized operation, or need comprehensive information on many types of die designs, this book is your most comprehensive reference on how to design dies. Hundreds of illustrations of proven designs are included.



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